Why can’t I eat healthy food without being annoying?

What are we all doing to stay thin and healthy? Not much. Or some people are.

Whenever I watch a documentary about healthy eating (and there are so many, and they make you feel so guilty) I think, that’s it, I’m going to improve my diet!

The first meal usually goes really well, with a carefully prepared salad and a small piece of meat. The next meal gets prepared by my husband, so there’s a lot more meat than I would have liked and not many vegetables.

The day after is the weekend and we go out for dinner. On the menu there is a very sad looking salad (looks very small too, and I’m hungry!). Next to the salad there’s a curry with some vegetables, a lot of meat and loads of creamy, fatty sauce. I order the salad and look enviously at my husband eating the curry…

The next test is going to a friend’s house and when I look at the sausages, white bread and a very boring salad with no dressing at all, I wonder why does it need to be so hard? I ask for some dressing and feel like I’m being a pain.

Going out with the kids also proves very difficult. I don’t want to give them any chips but it seems that on the kids menu everything comes with lots of chips and negative vegetables. I wish they had some carrot and cucumber sticks as sides but apparently no one has thought of that and if I dare to order a side serve of carrot the waiter looks at me like I’ve ordered monkey’s brains.

I miss the ‘per kilo‘ restaurants from Brazil that’s for sure!


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